About Us


Vises Vorasucha


IT industry, in my opinion, is very challenging. It keeps moving even during economic crisis or in any other difficulties. So, we must adapt ourselves all the time. The challenge is we must adapt quickly enough to keep up with the changes in order to meet customer needs correctly and quickly. The future of the IT industry in Thailand will expand more and more whether it is Software or Hardware and, undeniable, Cloud to help customers to work more efficiently. At the same time, the competition become more severe. So, I think Thailand IT industry is very challenging, interesting and should be pursued closely.

Reasons customers to choose Netmarks

I think the main reason is because we understand customers business and their needs. Also, we have a lot of experiences with JOC (Japanese Owned Companies), especially in manufacturing sector. Since our parent company is in Japan and in other seven countries, mostly in the AEC (Asean Economics Community), we can coordinate with all of the companies and can respond quickly to customer needs. We have a team of professionals who have the knowledge and ability which get improving continuously.

We are a company that provides comprehensive One Stop SI Service, from cabling work to application development and after-sales services with Japanese standards. And, because we believe that our customers and our team are in the same team, so we confident that we can work to our best and customers can receive the maximum benefit the most effective.

In the matter of internal management.

I also pay high attention to our staffs. We organize our team with understanding as friends and as family. In my point of view, our staffs are like family members, a big family. The staffs must be enjoyed working here. I choose to give employees’ responsibility based on their talents and on their capability, consequently they can work out the most effective. We care not only our staffs but their families, too, to make all parties happy. I think that these things make staffs happy to work with us.


Vises Vorasucha

Managing Director