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Production Control System (PCS) is standard software package for manufacturing industry. PCS helps support the Basic production planning, production control, work in process (WIP) control, and Lot control. The system will calculate factors which is necessary for production in each time such as raw materials, machines, human labour in order to set appropriate efficient production scheduling. The system then issues raw materials, components or semi-finished products to production line and continue to produce finished goods as designated. The system also supports the transfer from WIP inventory to finished goods inventory, once the production process is completed. User is able to check the on-hand quantity of finish good and check the inventory balance of raw materials in real time. Thus, this could easily make a plan for Made To Order customer type or reserve inventories for Made To Stock customer type. Furthermore, in the case of By Order, users can check how long the product will be ready to deliver to customer.

Production Control System


The advantages of using Software Package

  • Reduced application development time.
  • Reduce the cost and expense in designing a new system.
  • Complete function which cover the whole system
  • Have functions completely covers the whole system
  • Improves working performance
  • Ability to customize function to match the needs of each organization.

Highlights of the PCS System

  • Support productions that are manufacturing, chemicals, paints, packaging and others very well.
  • Supports product that have multiple formula in one out comes. (BOM).
  • Able to create daily production schedule, weekly production schedule, monthly production schedule, quarter production schedule or yearly production schedule.
  • Bill of Material can be defined as the ratio. For example; ratio of material for finish product100 Kg. etc. (Not necessary to be 1 PCS per 1 finish goods.)
  • Able to determine percentage of waste of inventories in different formulas in each BOM
  • Able to define the Able to specify content of quality assurance in each bill of material in order to control the production
  • Support product that have multiple line in producing one outcome.
  • Able to set machine in each work center according to our requirement
  • Able to set machine according to the work in each operation (Process).
  • Able to show bill of material structure, which displays the steps of production and operation that has been calculated in graphic. This easier the process in analyzing data.
  • User can determine types of QA template as you prefer and could be a standard or could be a range of number from minimum to maximum for data collection of QA in each BOM
  • It is more convenient to work due to system automatically issue BOM for semi-product that is related to each jobs.
  • Able to create BOM automatically according to the sum of order quantity from many orders into one production order or separated by Production Lot Size.
  • Able to Copy bill of materials (BOM) from existing BOM and able to adjust BOM details as needed during making the production order each time.
  • Immediately production order is created, the system provides picking list of raw material separately for each production order or for each job. This simplified a preparation of raw materials and also can be uses as a references document to issue raw materials without entry new picking list.
  • Recording the production can estimate the amount of qualify and waste in each steps of producing, in order to make a good duments for analyses.
  • Able to specify reasons of waste product precisely and reasons of waste can be created as a code for analysing good report of waste.
  • Support all type of cases like good product, bad product and others product such as grade B product, remake product etc. This system could keep all these information as well.
  • Able to specify the running time of the machine, which use in each stage of production.
  • In a case that materials used is different from the product formula, the amount can be edited the in each BOM, which allow us to know the actual usage of material in each BOM. System will store the result of formula in order to analyze the effectiveness of production in future.
  • Able to check the status of work of each Job No or check the status of BOM that in which stage of production are in.

Example of Report

>> Report summarize order Supplier/Product
>> Report details the Purchase order
>> Report compares monthly purchase order
>> Product report stale received
>> Report history of sale price of Supplier.

An inventory control system is a complete inventory management system which is for managing inventory and controlling raw materials to match the volume of finished goods. It is able to solve the problem of warehouse space, revolving fund, deterioration of raw materials and inventory. If raw materials are controllable, the cost of production will reduce and at the same time company profit will increase.

Characteristics of Inventory Control System

  • To set the image of each product into database and attach data as Ms-Excel, Ms Word and Acrobat file.
  • Support unlimited Units of measurement.
  • Support Bin/Location system for storage depot in each warehouse.
  • Support product that is Lot or Serial and able to specify the type of Lot or Serial within each outcomes.
  • Able to set Lot no, automatically by using FIFO, which makes it easy to work and keep record.
  • Support product that contain expiry date and control expiry product withdrawal.
  • This system provides step of raw materials' quality checking for a case, when there is an order before importing to warehouse. The users able to determine f quality checking item for raw materials by themselves.
  • Quality checking can be determined as both standard value and min-max value.
  • Product categories are divided into 5 levels, so one type of product can be in many categories.
  • Able to set monthly budget for each department and each project.
  • Capital support for both FIFO and Average cost.
  • Support withdrawal, distribution, transfer and improvement of product for each warehouse.
  • Able to browse information of warehouse inventory in real-time for Bin/Location, Lot number or serial number.

Purchasing System is a system helps to support the process of ordering and purchasing products, goods or services to be used within the organization or for the distribution. Purchasing process starts by recording a Purchase Requisition Form (PR: Purchase Request) from internal department. When approved, this form will be sent to purchasing department to prepare and issue Purchase Orders Form (PO: Purchase Order) in order to use in purchasing materials or products or services that meet the requirements and overtake the usage. Furthermore, the system could help to purchase goods in appropriate quantity to get the lowest price and lowest cost.

Highlight of Purchasing System

  • Issue Purchasing Order Form of raw materials by linking data from MRP System automatically.
  • Could classify purchasing type.
  • Could gradually transferring goods from the Supplier.
  • The system could manage back order.
  • There is inspection before store into warehouse.

MRP System helps to control Material in Inventory and Production planning. System will examine the compulsory of material use until finished product. This is done by calculating the requirement of product component in each period in order to manage production or purchase order of each component. Moreover, MRP system serves as a mechanism that response to a change in production plan or whenever revises occur. Which could be trusted that there is enough material to meet the demand and keep the inventories at a minimum amount.

Material Control System Controls the Inventory section.   This system helps to manage material to get the most effective usage in the working process period and able to identify which material demand more or less during the production process. This information is use to help making decision in the purchasing inventories in order to produce the right amount without exceeding demand.

The Ordering system is a system that helps to calculate the expenses for purchasing a requirement inventory.  Ordering system will varies according to the amount of purchase order not varies to the amount of inventories. This is because the higher the purchase the higher the expenses. The expenses involve in each time of order are document, purchase order, labor, Telephone bill, receiving and re checking document, and Customs import Fees, etc.

This is a system design specifically for using in accounting. Accounting system is assign to process and make report of all transactions occurred. The process begin with manual input of general accounting and passes through different accounting category then conclude into list of all transaction in a form of Financial statement.

Budget Control System is used to determine the company Budget, so the organization can make the comparison between the estimated income and expense with the actual ones. The system’s helps to set the direction of the company, support budget in internal department and specify the budget planning for the next as well. Moreover, Budget Control System could set the average budget thought out the year, monthly base, adjustment of balance in term of percentage, and input data manually. As well as, include a report budget comparison.

Export Shipping Invoice System is for issuing tax invoice for the business that involves with export-import activities. The system will issue the bill and tax invoice to out-countries which exclude the normal invoice. The system can collect the data and report the information upon the user request.

Logistic System is a transport planning system uses for controlling shipping process and storing product effectively. Logistic System also provides service and necessary information for the users from the starting till the finishing process. For example, Warehouse management, product distribution, product managing, packaging, communication process, etc.

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