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Frequently called video conference system, it is widely used for most organizations that require real-time communications – both audio and video – over a long distance.  A professional Tele-conference system can normally support both point-to-point and multi-points communication architectures.  Some systems also have advanced features such as video recordings, video streaming, etc. 

This has been the main communication system for over a century.  At present, telephony systems have both analog systems, which run on the traditional telephone wiring and IP-based systems, which run on LAN, WAN and Internet. 

This is one of the most common one-way communication systems, which is widely used for big meeting room, concert hall, or public area.  Speakers have been normally used as a main component of this system for audio communication, while monitors are recently added as another component for visual communication.  Digital signage, another example of Audio & Visual systems, is widely used in many industries, such as mass transportation, retail, healthcare, finance, etc.  

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