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There are 3 main roles of NET-eco software

  1. Collect data from different kinds of NET-eco Measure such as electricity usage, temperature, humidity, etc. via Local Area Network (LAN)
  2. Display real-time data and historical data based on pre-defined area, building, floor, etc. with the capability to display and compare data by daily basis, by monthly basis as well as by yearly basis.
  3. Control different kinds of NET-eco Control such as air-conditioner, lighting, etc. via Local Area Network (LAN)

All functions of NET-eco software can be accessed via standard web browser on PC/Notebook or via application on Apple IOS and Andriod compatible Smart-Phone/Tablet

NET-eco Software Package

Package License Measure Control Map Report
Basic 50 Energy No No No
Standard 300 All All 2D Map Yes
Enterprise 1,000 All All 2D Map Yes

Here are some example of displays from NET-eco Software

This is hardware part of NET-eco solutions consisting of 2 types of hardware.

1. NET-eco Measure – hardware used to collect data

1.1) Energy Measurement Unit (EMU), used for measuring electricity usage

1.2) Multi-Sensor Unit, used for measuring temperature and humidity

2. NET-eco Control – hardware used to control energy consuming equipment

2.1) Air-Conditioning Control Unit, used for controlling air-conditioner

2.2) Multi-Sensor with Air-Condiditoniong Control Unit, used for measuring temperature and humidity as well as controlling air-conditioner

      NET-eco Software collects data from NET-eco Measure units and control energy consuming equipment via NET-eco Control units.  Since NET-eco Software is developed based on open-platform, more hardware types and models of measure units and control units will be supported by NET-eco software.

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