About us

Company Background

Netmarks (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a professional IT Solutions provider. We have started our operation in Thailand since 1999. Our core business is the integration of various types of IT solutions for many industries. Our solutions portfolio covers from IT Infrastructure & Facility up to Custom-made application software development. We have specialists in different fields of IT and we can provide various kinds of professional services to fit each client’s requirements.

Netmarks (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Company History

Sumitomo Electric Industry Group established Netmarks Inc. in Japan


Netmarks (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established on 26 July 1999


Planning Soft, a subsidiary of Netmarks (Thailand) was established


SCET-NI, a subsidiary of Netmarks (Thailand) was established


Nihon Unisys took over Netmarks Inc. from Sumitomo Electric Industry Group


Netmarks Inc. was merged with Uniadex Inc., which is another subsidiary of Nihon Unisys


Working Team and Services of Planning Soft and SCET-NI was transferred to Netmarks (Thailand) for more consolidated services to clients.

Netmarks has branches in 6 countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Vietnam, Singapore and head office in Japan. under the name UNIADEX since March 2014


Leading IT Company offers Solutions and Services to help clients succeed in their business.

Company Vision
Company Missions


1. Understand the client’s business, and can use IT Solution and IT Service as tools to help clients reduce costs or increase efficiency, effectiveness and free from IT threats or data leakages.

2. Continuously develop knowledge, abilities and skills of employees. in order to be able to maximize our potentials.

3. Standardized working style (ISO9001) to maintain the highest client satisfaction.

4. Provide services with Promptness, Agility in a Safe and Secure way.

5. Work as a team, have good teamwork, and make sure the company is a happy workplace.