Professional Services

IT Infrastructure Maintenance Service

Due to the need for IT Infrastructure systems In all departments Especially Organizations that need to keep operations as low as possible downtime. To meet the user or production capacity continuously it is therefore necessary to have a specialist to maintain the system for its most efficient use.

We provide advice and recommend IT infrastructure solutions, including Network, Server, Storage and Network Security systems that are suitable for the user’s organization. And system maintenance which consists of the following main tasks.

Preventive Maintenance Service:

  • Maintain and check the IT Infrastructure system at the customer’s site this is a check to prevent damage that may occur in the future. And to be able to use the system effectively when a problem is found, it can be fixed in a timely manner.
  • Analyze problems that occur and fix them when they are detected on the check-in date.
  • Provide advice when the used equipment has reached the end of its useful life. And introduce new solutions.
  • Prepare a report summarizing the status of the equipment being inspected.

Corrective Maintenance Service:

  • When a system problem is found, you can open the case to the Call Center system to resolve the system problem.
  • Remote and On-Site troubleshooting solve IT Infrastructure problems both hardware-related problems software and system operation.
  • Investigate the cause of the problem within the system. If the problem is related to the overall system structure, it will be forwarded to the relevant authorities for the root cause.
  • If damage is found to the device, a predefined SLA will be performed for hardware replacement and installation to restore the system to its original condition before it was damaged.

Data Center Maintenance Service

  • An emergency or unexpected situations can happen at any moment and they can affect business operations, company’s reputation and credibility.

    No corporation looks forward to facing a situation that causes a significant disruption to their businesses. Being prepared and planning ahead is critical to us, and we provide top-notch services and solutions to our customers day and night.

  • We truly understand your business continuity is the top priority for your enterprise and customers who need it most. Our experienced and certified engineers proudly support and keep your business moving at all times in any situation such as an electrical system or a cooling system emergencies or any abnormal incident. We provide high-quality services 24/7 for all our customers to ensure that our customers can run businesses continuously and efficiently.

Remote Monitoring Service

How important is Network Monitoring?

Network Monitoring is a system that monitors the status of critical network components such as switches, routers and servers on a corporate network. And alert the network administrators when something goes wrong.

When the network system has problems, it is often asked whether “What’s going on in your network?” If you feel you can’t handle the question, then you should improve your network audit capabilities. It is the primary weapon of network administrators for analyzing and solving network problems.

The advantages of having a network monitoring system.

With monitoring system will make it like you have an assistant to monitor the network equipment operation all the time. If the device has a problem, it will notify to the system administrator.

Which in addition, the benefits have been received such as

  • It can be used for analysis to solve the problems more quickly.
  • It can be used to analyze and make decisions, troubleshoot or replace the frequently problematic devices.
  • Able to know immediately which equipment and Able to work on the network system which has a problem part. Reduces the problem solving time and the loss of business opportunities.
  • Provides an easy overview of the performance and events of your network.

Why Remote Monitoring Service?

For organizations that need to install a monitoring system, First to be considered are expenses such as

  • Server installation (Both hardware and software)
  • Development fees
  • Knowledge and techniques
  • Cost of operation (Such as the air, electricity, staff, …)
  • Maintenance costs for both hardware and software.
  • And other miscellaneous expenses

Which very high investment expenditures, this causes to have the service called Remote Monitoring Service or is that you can use the monitoring system without invest in install all the thing by yourself, just pay the service fee according to the amount required to actually monitor.

Remote Monitoring Solution

In providing the Remote Monitoring Service, there are two options to choose:

1. Allow VPN site-to-site

It is a site-to-site VPN connection between the data center and your office.

Pros: Verification information is faster.
Disadvantage: This often goes against the company’s security policy.

2. Monitoring Appliance

Rental service for the appliance that will act as an intermediary to check the destination device and send the status of the terminal device to the Monitoring Server.

Pros: Easy to install, takes less time.
Disadvantage: When the appliance has a problem, it will not be able to check that site.

Remote Monitoring Flow

When the system detects a problem the monitored device will issue an alert. After that, it will follow the agreed steps such as The staff will contact to the destination to confirm the problem, or solve the initial problem, or report the problem to a team of technicians to fix, …..

Net-Cloud Service

What is Net-Cloud service?

Net-Cloud service is a cloud service that Netmarks Company provide to customers. It is to service infrastructure, platform, or software to service users via the internet.

Users can access cloud services from a computer which only have operating system, and an internet connection or a virtual private network (VPN)

Benefits from Net-Cloud Service

The cloud is a big change in the concept of business operations in IT resource management. More and more organizations are turning to cloud services for 7 main reasons:

  • The cost

By using the cloud, expenses can be reduced such as purchasing hardware and software, installing, maintaining, building a service room, electricity, cooling systems and IT professionals to maintain it. Which in each additional investment requires a large amount of money?

  • Speed

Because the cloud service is a virtual service that has already been provided. And allocated to each user according to their needs. Therefore, if a user wants to use more computer resources, it can be prepared in minutes. This gives businesses more flexibility in planning to increase production.

  • Global scale

Cloud service benefits include flexible scalability. Refers to managing the right amount of IT resources based on demand, for example, more or less computing power, storage, more or less bandwidth when needed and from the suitable geographic location.

  • Product

Typically, to maintain servers in Data Center, IT staff spend a lot of time installing hardware and software, software updates, and other IT management tasks, where cloud services eliminated this need. Hence, IT teams can take the time to achieve more important business goals.

  • Performance

Cloud services run on a secure, standardized Data Center network that is regularly upgraded to have the good performance system. The Cloud users also will get this benefit as well.

  • Trust

Cloud services provide inexpensive cost for backup and disaster recovery to support the business continuity.

  • Safety

Cloud services provide value-added services that help protect customers’ data, apps, and infrastructure against potential threats (such as antivirus, mail gateway, …) That users can choose as needed.

Example of Net-Cloud Service

Figure 1. Net-Cloud Service (MPLS Link)

Figure 2. Net-Cloud Service (VPN Link)