Security System

Log & Next-Gen SIEM

Security information and event management (SIEM)

The function of SIEM is log storage and collection of various equipment. To take advantage of information from various sources. It will analyze the situation quickly and efficiently. All data will be able to correlate to find the source and purpose in various forms. It also knows how to track threats or detect incoming threats and can used rule to notify administrators.

Features & Benefits

If you are looking for System Log Management or Next-Gen SIEM and Log to keep to the standards Computer Act or PDPA.
  • It is considered the heart of the IT system for business. Because it will increase the efficiency of collecting logs more and not allow valuable data to be easily destroyed or stolen.
  • Can detect or stop every attack well. It will take data from all devices. To be processed in the network to detect various attacks that may have escaped, such as correlation to find attack behavior in the network, etc.
  • Be alert to the administrator, the Real-Time to make them aware of the problems that will arise.
  • To increase security for storing various logs on all devices.

Network Access Control

Network Access Control The control permission to access the network (Network Access Control), in which we can control access to the network. Initially, the NAC device itself must recognize and recognize other devices. in our network before It verifies and classifies all devices in the network and then performs authentication to assign permissions to all devices in the corporate network. It can also detect and stop attacks that occur automatically, such as scanning in the network within the organization or trying to access abnormal ports within the organization or sending abnormal emails, etc. Reports can also be customized to collect information and investigate security issues to meet the requirements or compliance requirements of the organization.

Features & Benefits

How Network Access Control can help the organization?
  • Verify and control the registration of those who wish to use it if they have permission to access it. using the method Authentication with network equipment.
  • Check Anti-Virus Signature has the latest update.
  • Check Path of Windows latest?
  • Can be edited in network devices to increase security, such as closing ports, moving VLAN, setting various policies, etc.
  • Intrusion prevention system It will also help manage issues on unauthorized devices.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security It is a real-time security and virus removal solution from central to endpoint, capable of eliminating various threats. comprehensively and can be managed centrally to the terminal by setting policy settings centrally to the terminal for security. In management, it also helps to close the vulnerabilities of threats that will enter the organization. It also reduces management costs and increases efficiency in the organization. It can also analyze information that looks like a virus. or suspect after the analysis, it will respond to detect abnormalities and will manipulate the data according to the action set to avoid too much damage.

Features & Benefits

How good is Endpoint Security?
  • Reduce the risk by preventing threats on endpoints.
  • Stops threats before they reach endpoints. and can check the reliability of files and websites.
  • Prevent data leakage of important files.
  • Greater reduction in security management costs.
  • The root cause of the threat can be found.
  • Reduce the attack rate of various threats on the endpoint.

Gateway Security

  • Secure Mail Gateway

Secure Mail Gateway

Filters all incoming and outgoing emails to protect your organization from known and unknown threats. This includes spam, phishing and all types of malicious attachments that come with emails and data leaks. It makes it easy to manage, saving time in daily email security work. It also increases the efficiency of the user’s work.

Features & Benefits

Secure Mail Gateway Why is it necessary?

  • Prevent spam and phishing in the use of e-mail.
  • Prevent data leaks
  • Increased efficiency in working safely
  • Can prevent problems in various types of attacks
  • Notifications to the administrator.
  • Add the email security level.
  • Secure Web Gateway

Secure Web Gateway

Enforce a secure Internet use through flexible policy management and sensitive in receiving – sending information on the website and platforms. It also prevents unintentional data leaks into websites by scanning or detecting content in real time for prevent intrusion and prevent the upload of risky documents to different websites or platforms. It also monitors web traffic and prevents inappropriate website traffic or malicious or suspicious web or files indicating malicious content. considered a good protection for sensitive data both in and out of the organization and makes it possible to use the website safely for users.

Features & Benefits

How important is Secure Web Gateway?

  • Prevent various threats on the website or on the Internet.
  • Acts as a filter that is not safe.
  • Prevent data loss.
  • Reduces the use of brand widths and improves usability.
  • Increase confidence in using the Internet.
  • Secure Internet Gateway

Secure Internet Gateway

The ability to protect against various threats on the Internet for users. which can be checked analyze and limit access. It also protects and analyzes suspicious files and considered an answer for organizations that have a need for security.

Features & Benefits

Secure Internet Gateway จำเป็นต่อการใช้งานอย่างไร?

  • The ability to protect against various threats to users both within the organization and outside the organization
  • Block suspicious domains from accessing the data.
  • Can monitor and restrict access Domain, URL, IP and files that are not safe.
  • Can detect and stop attacks before they happen.

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication

The authentication requires users to specify up to two-factor authentication. In order to verify the identity of users to authenticate before they enter the system. It is considered a modern access and More efficient for organizations that need security.

Features & Benefits

Multi Factor Authentication What help?

  • Add more security before accessing to use.
  • Help fix security vulnerabilities that someone is impersonating to access the device.
  • Add multi-factor authentication.


DLP Detect and prevent leaks of sensitive corporate data and In order not to lose data or files and also protect files with important content such as start by sorting out the types of data or prioritizing first. After that, various data groups will be analyzed by setting a policy to prevent data leakage of each type of information from various channels of use. with notification to the administrator of the organization. If important information is passed out

Features & Benefits

How can Data Loss Prevention help your organization?

  • Prevent data loss It identifies and classifies the data that is in use.
  • Policy and controls. to be effective in use.
  • Analysis and produce reports to show the source of the personal information.
  • Help protect important corporate data from various threats.