Advance Solution

IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things

IIoT Solution

  • Real-Time Machine Monitoring
  • Capture real- time machine status.
  • Machine utilization is visualized through graphical dashboard.
  • Analyzed information will be adopted to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Capture temperature, humidity, air quality, light, etc.
  • Healthcare, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries has to highly regulate material or product.
  • Analyzed information will be adopted to control and improve quality of material or product.
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Simply track and traceability asset or inventory.
  • Real-time visibility of the locations of the assets.
  • Increase inventory accuracy and reduce time for checking.

Video Analytics Management (VAM)

Video Analytics Management (VAM) is the powerful and flexible analytics platform being suitable for various industries such as Factory, Hospital, Shopping center, Department store, School and etc.

  • Why do we need Video Analytics ?
  • Personnel only can watch one monitor for few minutes before losing focus.
  • It is more difficult to has high attention span on many monitors.
  • Personnel may not know what to look for.
  • With VAM, it will help the person in charge to increase their work efficiency and reduce their spending time.

Let camera and VAM do the detection, counting and analysis for you.

Video Analytics Store

  • Face Mask Detection and Capture
  • Human Detection and Capture
  • Vehicle Detection and Capture
  • Fire Classification
  • Intrusion Detection and Monitoring
  • People Counting in ROI
  • People Counting in-out
  • Vehicle Monitoring
  • Human Suit Color Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Personal Monitoring
  • Human Gender Detection
  • Smoke Detection
  • Vehicle Color Identification
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AI Face Recognition System

The AI ​​Face Recognition System is a system help to screen and protect the spread of COVID-19 or most of serious contagious disease by examining forehead temperature and detecting a wearing of a protective mask. It can interface with the access control system to allow only the person who pass the screening criteria to enter the venue.

In addition, the AI Face Recognition System has an AI function that can be applied to use with the Time Attendance System and Access Control System, allowing only the authorized person in database to enter the area as well.

Solution Background

Pain Points of Conventional Methods vs Better Approach of Latest Technology

Solution Operation Flow

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